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Maui Island Activities

Maui Island Activities is a company that offers a wide variety of activities including kayaking and snorkeling tours, surfing, stand-up paddling, SCUBA diving, hiking treks, kiteboarding (a.k.a. kite surfing), and windsurfing.

For this new website project, they asked us to design and develop a site that would be fun, playful and adventurous that would appeal most especially to families, as well as couples and individuals. We used a light and playful color palette and created an octopus mascot to act as a kind of friendly tour guide. We also included a lot of humurous elements throughout the site and kept the tone family friendly fun.

Included at the top of the home page is a jQuery script in which the sign, logo and clouds move as the mouse rolls over the header area, another playful touch (and something we liked so much that we incorporated it into the redesign our new DzinePOD website!).

new website

web design, online booking, javaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, logo design, character illustration, branding, blog
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