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Euclid Welding Website Design

Euclid Welding Company, Inc.

Euclid Welding, a large welding company in Sylvia's home town of Cleveland, Ohio needed a website and we were happy to oblige. Founded in 1972, as a job shop, they specialize in welding jobs and fabrications up to 50,000 lbs and do everything imaginable to steel including forming, burning, punching, shearing, sawing, and machining. Whew! Glad I'm not a piece of steel.

We wanted to create a clean site with very clear navigation, yet still capture the "grittiness" of a welding shop. To get the aesthetic feel that we were looking for, we collected a bunch of images from the client and through the magic of Photoshop, were able to piece together a "welded steel page" which we then laid most of the text and photos on. We then took an image of a torch and turned it into a series of navigation buttons which added a bit of whimsy to the site.

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web design, HTML, CSS, javaScript, blog
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