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Cary Virtue Law Website

Cary Virtue Law

DzinePOD designed this web site for Maui criminal defense lawyer, Cary Virtue, who came to us looking for a new website with a major emphasis on having strong SEO. He wanted to have his website listed on the first page of Google. DzinePOD was up for the challenge.

Cary Virtue had a previous website with a different company, and was listed on page 5 of Google for the search term 'Maui Criminal Defense Lawyer'. With the way the website was designed, through meticulous coding and using everything to max out his SEO through the coding of the site, his new website ranks at #2 on page 1 of Google. On Yahoo/Bing, he rates #1 on page 1. SEO is a delicate science, and DzinePOD shines in getting good SEO results for their clients.

The design of the site is elegant and has strength, the qualities the client wanted conveyed through the design of the website.

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