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Island Watersports Hawaii website design

Island Watersports Hawaii

Island Watersports Hawaii is an Oahu company that offers a wide variety of activities including boating excursions, kayaking and snorkeling tours, surfing, stand-up paddling, and the most amazing activity to hit Hawaii.... submersible scooters!

For this new website project, they asked us to design and develop a website that would be clean, yet eye-catching and invigorating, without being too surf-shop grungy. We decided on blues, greys and greens for our color palette since they deal in water sports, and for the home page slide show we incorporated interesting graphics for the rotating images.

The video on the home page serves to showcase their amazing new activity, the submersible scooters. We felt the video would be the most effective way to draw people's attention and get them excited about trying it out. The website also features online booking, which makes it convenient for both the client and Island Watersports Hawaii.

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web design, online booking, javaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, logo design, blog (WP)
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