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Made Me Nuclear Website Design

Made Me Nuclear

Made Me Nuclear is the official website of Charlie Lustman - Singer, songwriter and inspirational performer who is passionate about bringing hope into people’s lives, especially those dealing with life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Charlie came to us with a nifty website, but it was built in Flash, and very old Flash code to boot. We took his old design aesthetics and brought the website into HTML5 and breathed new life into it with the latest video and audio player capabilities HTML5 has to offer.

Another main focus for the new website was SEO (search engine optimization). With the old Flash site, Charlie wasn’t ranking on Google at all. Along with adding in cool, funky graphics, we placed a strong emphasis on SEO to insure that his new website would rank well.

Special features of the new website are the video and audio players, and an intricate navigation menu that was completely coded from scratch.

website redesign into HTML5 from Flash

web design, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, video and audio players, and blog (WP)
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