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Rappel Maui

For three decades Ken Schmitt and MJ Harden ran Hike Maui, an award-winning hiking company. During that time, they explored most of the major canyons and waterfalls on Maui and eventually an idea emerged: Why not rappel into these valleys, dropping down waterfalls into pristine and powerful nature? Their new company, Rappel Maui does exactly that.

One of the joys of web designing is discovering and doing things that you might not otherwise… like rappelling a waterfall. MJ invited us to join them on a tour so we could experience first hand what it feels like to walk down the side of a cliff in the middle of a waterfall. The perils and perks of our jobs.

What it says on their Home page basically covers it. "It’s safe, fun, exhilarating, and you drop right into gorgeous, raw nature. Challenge yourself at first, then see how easy it really is. It’s simple: with quick training under your harness you’re descending walls and falls with ease." MJ wrote those words and it captures the feeling we went through pretty well. She is a writer and was able to provide us all the text for the site, which we enhanced with images and graphics.

Speaking of images, we knew it was important to get across the “feeling” of what this experience was like and photos were going to be the key. One of the first ideas we had for the home page was incorporating an image of someone rappelling down a waterfall as the backdrop for the page… something that captured the exhilaration of being there. Luckily there was one that fit and once we got that, we were off and running.

A lucky bonus came a few months later. Rappel Maui was featured for a segment on the NBC television show First Look. The producers decided rappelling would be fun for their host, Audrina Partridge and her friends to experience. NBC allowed us to post the segment and is now the featured video on the Home page.

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