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Our Step By Step Website Process



Let's get the ball rolling.

a) If you have any questions you would like to ask us in general, please give us a call or email us and we'll do our best to answer as many of them for you as possible.

b) For a quote or proposal, we will be asking you to complete our website planner which will give us a clear idea of what you would like and the overall scope of the project.

We offer an initial, free 30-minute consultation. We will answer any questions you may have, give you recommendations, guidance, and suggestions. After 30 minutes, we begin billing for our time. The best way to take advantage of this consultation is if we've been able to first review your planner.

What you gain from Step 1:
By working through our website planner, you will be able to gain a solid idea of what you would like for your new website.
You also glean valuable tips and suggestions from us through the free 30-minute consultation and our email correspondences with you after reviewing your planner (links to planner located on the sidebar to the left).



After we receive your completed website planner, we create a custom project proposal for you based on your answers. We put a lot of thought into the proposal, so it may take us from 2 to 5 days to complete it. Our proposal will contain a recommended site structure along with our estimated price.

What you gain from Step 2:
You gain a customized proposal suited to your goals and desires, and the estimated budget required to meet them.


All Set to Go!

If the proposal is favorable, you will send us your approval and we'll piece together the project contract and send that to you for your signature.
After we've received the signed contract and the initial payment (50% of the project's estimated cost), we begin building your website.

What you gain from Step 3:
You gain a signed contract, proof that your website project is now moving forward!


Design Decisions & Content Collection

Let the fun begin!

We will work closely with you to come up with the look and certain feel of the site. Once we get to the kernel of the desired style, we will then begin sketching design ideas.

In the meantime, you will gather up all of the required information we will need to get started on your site. The information includes logo, text, photos, documents, etc.

(Don't forget to read our tips on the Pricing page about how you can keep your overall site costs down.)

What you gain from Step 4:
You'll be happy knowing that we understand the style you're after for your website, and excited to see the design we create for you using the materials you have collected and provided for us.


Design Time

Time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work on your website’s design using Photoshop and Illustrator. When we're all done, we'll show you what we've created. You will give us feedback, and then we will tweak and polish up the design until we see you smile.

What you will gain from Step 5:
You will gain a truly smart and beautiful website design!


Code Time

As you kick back and put your feet up, we will be deep in our cave like alchemists, working on the coding and programming of your website. A delicate combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ActionScript, and a ton of other super-technical-sounding ingredients mixed together just so, will bring to life an incredibly beautiful and perfectly-functioning website geared to work across all modern browsers.

We will be in contact with you, preferably by email, with any questions we may haveā€¦ or perhaps to show you a little sneak peak so you can see how things are coming along.

What you gain from Step 6:
Relaxation time (and the first hint of excitement in getting a sneak peek at your new website)!


Testing and Final Tweaking

Once we've completed the coding of your website, we will place the test site on the internet in our “draft” folder. We will ask you to go through the whole test site, page by page, looking for any typos or mistakes. If any bloopers are found, we will make the changes right away.

If you have done your homework and clearly communicated to us in Step 4, it's not very common to have special requests at this point of the project.

We will then trouble-shoot, test, and get your website completely ready for launching.

What you gain from Step 7:
You will gain a test site and the anticipation of having your new website launched very soon.


Launch Time!!

As soon as we receive your final payment for the website project, we will launch your site into cyberspace! We'll also let you know how to access your website's statistics⁄analytics account so you can track your website's traffic.

What you gain from Step 8:
Your very own absolutely fabulous and incredible new website!