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Ten Reasons to Work With DzinePOD


We're responsive

We respond to phone calls and emails quickly. We understand the importance of communication. Every question and concern is addressed as soon as possible, most often within one business day at the latest.


We're super creative

One of our biggest strengths is our ability to approach a project with a fresh, unique perspective and then to incorporate a myriad of dynamic creative tools and elements to bring it to life. As designers, we take pride in building web sites that are unique, compelling and engaging while still getting across YOUR message.


We know that creative (no matter how super) is not enough

Strong design is a good start, but a great web site needs more than that. No matter how slick the header or cool the animations or funky the rollover buttons are, if the web site has poor navigation, or doesn't show up on search engines or isn't able to communicate what YOU want to say, then it has failed.


We're current

It's important for us to stay up to date with the latest industry news, trends, software, hardware, design and marketing techniques etc. The digital communication industry is constantly changing and moving forward and it would be easy to miss the bus and be left behind. Besides all that, we actually find this stuff fascinating and exciting (weird, huh?).


We don't talk "confusing"

We try our very best not to talk too techie or use fancy industry words just to impress you. We want to explain things clearly and effectively in a way that YOU can understand. If we ever start going into confusing tech jargon-land, simply slap us on the head and have us start all over again.


We understand how to capture people's attention and hold them there

There are millions of web sites out there vying for people's attention. To be effective today, your website needs to be designed and implemented in a way to lure people in, and once they are there, entice the user to explore and experience what the site has to offer FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Here are several tips and techniques to improve your web site.


We believe in going beyond the page

What does this mean? There are numerous ways to optimize your web site's potential. Social media web sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be utilized to drive users to your web site thus increasing its chances for higher rankings on the search engines. Submitting articles, photos, designs to other sites, setting up a weblog and developing followers are just some of the few other techniques that can be used to strengthen the width and breadth of your REACH. We can help you to develop some of these techniques and programs.


We write great code

Coding is the engine that runs your web site. The cleaner and more eftficient it is, the better your web site will run and better the chances for your web site to show up on those search engines. We are meticulous in our approach to the coding of your web site. Aren't sure what all this means? Just contact us, set up an appointment and we would be glad to explain in more detail (in non-tech jargon speak, of course).


We're local

Ben, our lead web and graphic designer, was born and raised on Maui. Growing up on the island brings a unique understanding of what this place is all about. From the old sugarcane plantation camps, to Mango Stand, to the "L" on Mount Ball, Maui has unique characteristics that only those growing up here can fully grasp. We can use that knowledge and insight towards YOUR web design and graphic design projects that need this Maui perspective.


We're friendly

Well, we like to think so anyways. We feel life is too short to be surrounded by mean, grumpy people. We do our best to make our relationships both in business and in life as nice and pleasurable as possible. And if you catch us at the right time, you might even get a taste of some of Sylvia's famous blueberry corn bread muffins or zucchingo (zucchini/mango) bread. Yum!