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For all projects, web and graphic, we provide a fixed price proposal. After meeting with our potential clients about the project, we spend quite a bit of time putting together our proposal documents and pricing that reflects the estimated time it would take to complete the project. As long as content is set, there are no design changes after the design has been approved, and no last minute additional pages, etc. we will complete the project at the proposed fixed pricing. If, however, there needs to be work done that involves an additional cost, we do seek approval before proceeding.
Here are some common pricing questions and answers:

What is your hourly rate?

If you are interested in learning our exact hourly rates, please contact us. We do not provide this information to the general public since it's competitive information.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

We offer an initial, free 30-minute consultation to anyone that is interested in having us create their website or graphic design project, either by phone or office visit (be sure to bring raspberry scones). In the 30-minutes, we will answer any questions you may have, give you recommendations and guidance, and suggestions. After 30 minutes, we begin billing for our time.

Do you charge for any work or meetings before a contract is signed?

We provide a free 30-minute consultation to potential clients, a free proposal, and free follow-up emails or phone calls to tweak the project parameters into an acceptable contract. Beyond that, we do charge hourly for our time. Examples would be: strategy meetings, appointments with your copywriter, website reviews with your board of directors, etc. If our consulting is requested in absence of a signed contract or initial payment, we bill hourly for our work. Website meetings and consultations are valuable and require our time. In order to provide our existing customers with excellent service, we are not able to spend a lot of time on potential clients who haven't signed a contract and are not willing to pay hourly for our time.

Do you accept credit cards?

All payments are to be made by check or cash. We do not accept credit card payments, but do accept PayPal, if necessary.

What are your charges for rush work? I need some work done ASAP.

If you have a tight deadline, we are here to help you with your rush project. Since our other scheduled projects would need to be put aside to make sure your project gets done on time, rush pricing rates will apply.

  • Required next-day turnaround (due 5pm next business day) is billed at our hourly rate + 65%.
  • Required weekend work (in on Friday, due on Monday) is billed at our hourly rate + 75%.
  • Required same-day turnaround (due before 9am the following business day or earlier) work is billed at our hourly rate + 80%.

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