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Getting Started

Let's take things one step at a time. Whether you're interested in a brand new web design or having your current web design reworked and brought up-to-date, DzinePOD will be able to help you bring your ideas to life step-by-step.

Usually, when buiding a website, most people are in one of three stages. See which one fits you the best:


Stage 1: You are just poking around, gathering information, doing research and considering your options. If this sounds like you: Read through the rest of this page and be sure to check out our Step By Step Website Process page which can help you during your discovery stage.


Stage 2: You pretty much know what you want, but still have a few questions that you'd like help with. If this sounds like you: Just send us an email with your questions, or give us a quick call at (808) 878-8800. We're more than happy to help you with your web design questions.


Stage 3: You are ready to get your web design project going and to receive a proposal. If this sounds like you: Complete one of our web design planners (links located on the sidebar to the left), and send it to us by email or snail-mail. Our website planners are a great way for you to get organized, and the best way for us to determine your goals. We will be able to offer our advice, recommendations, and a proposal based on your answers. We will be in touch soon after so that you can begin making decisions and moving forward.

Would you like a walk-through of the whole DzinePOD website building process from start to finish? Learn about each of the 8 specific steps by visiting our Step By Step Web Design Process page.

You can also go to our Tips page and learn about various ideas and techniques that could make your website most effective.