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Our Web Designer

She is: Organized & meticulous, has a knack for computer coding, always exploring new web design functionalities, appreciates great design, and is really easy to work with.

College: Degree in English with a minor in film and media comunications. Has teaching certification to teach high school English.

Originally Started Out: Wanting to be a writer. Taught high school English for several years before eventually finding her passion and niche as a web designer.

Other interests: Travel (would love to visit every country in Europe), cooking (secret obsession- recipe books), nature (trees, trees, trees-would love to be a bird in her next life).

Invention Idea: A machine that would allow you to instantaneously be anywhere in the world.

Superpower Desired: The ability to fly.

Secret that hardly anyone knows: Wants to write a fantasy novel.

Statement: "Being a web designer is similar to cooking in many ways. You can start off with the right recipe and ingredients, but you then need to know how to put it together correctly. After that, add a few subtle touches to make it special."

Our Graphic Designer

He is: Extremely creative, a perfectionist when it comes to details, constantly exploring new design challenges and possibilities, and is amazed where digital communication is headed and how fast it's doing so.

College: Majored in fine art and graphic design.

Originally Started Out: Making his own comic books in grade school. Worked at a Maui acrylic fabrication shop after college, left to become a fine artist. Teamed up with Syl to start DzinePOD.

Other interests: Art object-making, alternative energy (dreams that one day the world would be 100% off of fossil fuel and on clean energy, but in the meantime just wants to have solar powered electricity and an electric car), gardening (loves eating things that grows out of his own backyard).

Invention Idea: An extra day a week machine.

Superpower Desired: The ability to fly ("I guess Syl & I can fly around together").

Secret that hardly anyone knows: Had a crush on Nastassja Kinski in high school.

Statement: "Creating web designs is a different kind of challenge from creating art objects. I have to constantly keep in mind the needs and desires of our clients as well as make sure that it would fit in the parameters of coding. It's a kind of juggling act that, though, challenging, can be exhilerating when it works".