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Pricing (part 2)

Are you the cheapest web and graphic designer around?

We are probably not the cheapest, nor the most expensive web design and graphic design company, but we like to think that we give you the most bang for your buck.

How can I keep my costs down when working with DzinePOD?

There are several things you can do to be proactive and keep your costs down when working with us:

  • Communicate regularly. Our usual mode of communication is through email. By answering our questions and responding to our email in a timely fashion, the web or design project will move forward more efficiently and on schedule.
  • Organize. Labeling and organizing your content (text, photos, etc.) will help us know where everything belongs, instead of second-guessing and needing to double-check with you.
  • Proofread your text.
  • Put thought into your update requests. Making small changes like the color of a box on your site is easy enough to do, but changing it from blue to red, then to pink (because your daughter likes pink), and then to purple, then back to blue, will definitely be more costly.
  • Try not to go "meeting crazy". Meetings are important to have during a web design or graphic design project, but having meetings for the sake of having meetings can be costly. The same goes for lengthy telephone calls.

How much do DzinePOD web designs cost?

It's hard to pin-point a price since so many variables go into figuring the cost, such as size, design and complexity of the website project. Small websites usually start around $1,200 and move up from there. To bring a little clarity, here is a list of the primary variables that will determine the final cost of your website:

  • Our prices
  • The functionality you require (Slideshows? Stock photos? Online eCommerce Store? Online-booking capabilities?)
  • The quality of communication you provided to us as we go about determining what you're looking for in your website design.
  • The amount of interactivity within your web site (forms, blogs, etc.)
  • The quality of the images and photos you provide (do we need to spend time in Photoshop preparing the photos?)
  • The size of the web site
  • Any animations or Flash components within the site
  • Whether or not rush turnaround is required
  • The number of changes and reversals you request during the process, as well as when these changes are requested. For example, requesting major changes to your approved web site design right before we're set to launch your web site would most likely increase the project's final cost.