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Diary of a Maui Web Designer

Web Design Project for Hawaii Solar Company

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Recently, we completed phase one of a web design project for Hawaii solar company, Haleakala Solar. They came to us looking for a fresh new look for their old out-dated website. The design was generic and the back-end coding – which no one ever gets to see except for the search engines – was in pretty bad shape. We took their old website, kept some of the text and photos and then revamped the entire web design from the ground up to reflect a more modern and sophisticated branding.

Haleakala Solar has been in business for over 35 years, getting its start here on Maui. They’ve installed over 10,000 solar systems all over the state of Hawaii.

We had the chance to meet a good number of the employees through the photography and photo-shoots we did for them. What we found striking about the employees is their enthusiasm for what they do, and a sense of pride to be a part of the Haleakala Solar team. It’s no wonder since Haleakala Solar is considered to be one of the best solar companies in Hawaii, and one of the few remaining from the early days when solar energy was first getting its start. Always on the cutting edge, and always striving to be the best… this is the feel we needed to capture in the design of the layout.

Our goal was for the design of the new website to reflect the solar energy company, but without using the usual colors of orange or yellow to represent the sun. Thinking out of the box with the colors and layout, the new website is fresh and easy on the eyes, and easy to navigate through – while also being full of information presented in a way that is not cluttered, but appealing to look at.

The OLD Haleakala Solar Web Design

The OLD Haleakala Solar Web Design

BEFORE: Haleakala Solar web design

The NEW Haleakala Solar Web Design

After photo of hawaii solar company web design

AFTER: Haleakala Solar web design

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