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Song Peck of the Month: Tiro Ao Alvaro

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song peck of the month

Here’s a super fun song that is sure to bring a smile to your face. The song is entitled ‘Tiro Ao Alvaro’ by Brazilian-Italian music artist Adoniran Barbosa from the album Elis Regina. It was produced back in 1960, and is a samba song with such a fun style.

I was attracted to this song because of its uplifting and funky beat and maybe because the lyrics are in a different language (Portuguese). For some reason, I like that! When translated, the lyrics are pretty funny, but I’ve been told that they are even funnier when you understand the colloquial meanings behind the words.


After so many arrow shots from your eyes
My breast looks like you know what?
A target practice board
Which can take no more holes
A target practice board
Which can take no more holes

Your looks kill more
Than a carbine’s bullet
More than strychnine poison
More than a Baiano’s knife
Your looks kill more
Than an automobile running over me
Kills more than the bullet of a gun

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