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Pearltrees Is A Fresh New Way To Bookmark

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pearltrees social bookmarking tool

Over the past month I’ve been playing around with Pearltrees, an exciting, fresh platform for bookmarking websites. It can even be described as a social bookmarking tool. ¬†What makes Pearltrees so unique is its visual structure. It lets you organize the web the way you like in a visually pleasing way. It allows you to discover other people’s bookmarks (‘pearls’) and add them to your own list (‘tree’). Instead of using lists and folders to organize, your bookmarks are easy to see and find and organize.

Pearltrees is currently free to use. You simply open an account. It’s easy to use, especially after viewing their tutorial videos which give you a jump-start. You then begin with your first ‘pearl’ and then build a ‘pearl tree’. A ‘pearl’ holds a webpage that you are interested in. A ‘pearl tree’ (hence the name) is a grouping of similar ‘pearls’. For instance, if you’re trying to compile a grouping of websites that center around American cars, then the pearltree could be named “American Automobiles” and the different brands and models and information would be the pearls.

a pearl tree

My favorite feature is being able to search other people’s pearltrees for information that you’re interested in. You can then add their pearls to your own tree. You can also share a whole pearltree with someone. I can see how this could be used in classroom environment. If you’ve compiled a list of websites for students to view, it’s quite easy to share.

Another great feature is the “pearler” which allows you to quickly and easily add a pearl to your pearltree right from the webpage you are visiting and wanting to bookmark. You can also link your Twitter and Facebook account, which allows you to pearl the links you share through these social networks and also sends out postings of new ‘pearls’ you’ve added in Pearltrees. So, a two-way street.

There’s so much to explore and see with Pearltrees that it’s a little difficult to put it all into words. The best way is for you to take a look for yourself.
Visit Pearltrees and see how incredibly useful it can be.

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