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Diary of a Maui Web Designer

Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses


Google is now testing their new augmented reality glasses to work out kinks and gain information on how to implement even cooler features before they officially launch the new product. So if you see someone at the store wearing funky futuristic glasses, you’ll know it’s probably just a Google employee taking the Google Glasses out for a spin.

The glasses themselves look very cool. The design is polished and it seems like these wrap-around glasses are light. There is a clear display that sits above the eye. The glasses are able to stream information to the lenses and allow the wearer to send and receive messages through voice commands. There is also a built-in camera to record video and take pictures.

There is rumor that Google is also creating a contact lens version. I hear there are also different styles of glasses available, even ones for people that currently wear glasses.

The video below which comes from Google, shows the potential uses. A man wanders around the streets of New York City, communicating with friends, seeing maps and information, and snapping pictures. It concludes with him video-chatting with a girlfriend as the sun sets over the city. All of this is seen through the augmented-reality glasses. Very impressive.

A Special Thank You From Our Client

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thank you card from client

It’s so touching when clients take the time to thank us. Just recently, after launching a new website for Mike Severns Diving, we received this very special thank you. This card from Pauline Fiene literally brought tears to my eyes. We are so incredibly touched by her words and by the beautiful card.

It’s hard to see in the photo, but that is glitter you see stenciled on the front with our company name, DzinePOD. Pauline showed us her sincerity by not only taking the time to write, but by creating such a beautiful card for us. And she gifted us with a check… our first tip! Pauline really is an amazing person and we are so blessed. Here is what she wrote on the inside:

Dear Ben and Sylvia:

I want to thank you for the wonderful gift that you have given me. This website will be a part of my life for years to come. It represents the love I have for my work and for all the people I have worked with and the divers from all over the world I have had the great pleasure of diving with. You captured all that in your design and perfect coding.

I am certain that you spent way more time on this site than you imagined. And in spite of that you never showed impatience with me or with the process. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and an honor to have you design my site.

Enclosed is a token of my gratitude for all of yourselves that you put into this project.


It’s so rewarding to be recognized in such a true and heart-felt way.

Mike Severns Diving is well known as being the best Maui scuba diving company here in Hawaii. With over 33 years of experience and dedicated Scuba Diving guides, it’s not hard to see why. By building their website, we learned a lot about Hawaii’s Endemic Species and discovered all sorts of creatures we never knew existed in our Maui waters. They also provided us with some stunning underwater photography to use for the website. The photos are quite beautiful. You’ll have to visit their Underwater Photography page where you will begin to realize they are not only experts of scuba diving, but also underwater photography here on Maui.

Visit the Mike Severns Diving Website.

Below are BEFORE and AFTER photos of the Mike Severns Diving Website. We re-designed an old website they have had for over ten years.


home page for maui scuba diving


maui scuba guides

Dream Food For Your Eyes

Dream by Ben Kikuyama

Dream by Ben Kikuyama

This photograph was taken by DzinePOD’s one and only, Ben Kikuyama. Being an artist through and through, doing product shots for eCommerce store websites has been a vehicle for Ben to use the camera for creating Art. Ben can’t help but delve in deeply… creating beauty, if not by paint and brush, then by camera. It’s in his nature, for sure.

This photograph is entitled ‘Dream’. The mushrooms were growing by the side of a waterfall pool at Twin Falls here on Maui. If you look closely, you will see a naked woman in the distant shadows. The graphic-ness of the text against the dreamy image is something that Ben loves… putting two unlike things together. There is a type of energy that is created when doing so.

Enjoy… more to follow soon…

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

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Been getting messages from Facebook here and there, time and again, for an account that I deactivated a long time ago. Having no intention to ever activate it again… since it was a mistake and I had my other account which I actively use, I looked to see if there was some way to delete the old account… completely. Not just deactivate it, but totally zap it out of existence forever.

Do you want to delete your Facebook account? Zap it out of existence once and for all?  Facebook sure doesn’t make it easy to find, since they would rather keep you hanging around in the hopes that you’ll reactivate later. They make their DEACTIVATE button easy to find, but it’s the DELETE ACCOUNT button that they’ve kinda kept out of view. But, your favorite Maui web designer has found the way.

Before you decide to officially delete your account, there are a couple things you should do first:

Before You Go:

  • If you have used this account for any external website sign-ins, like Pandora, be sure to deactivate those, or change your sign-in info to something you want.  If you don’t, it’ll keep your account active.
  • If you want to use the email address that you currently use for this soon-to-be-deleted account, be sure to change it to something else before deleting the account. That way, you can use that email address when/if you open up a new account.
  • If you have Facebook fan page, group or application only administered by your current account, be sure to transfer the admin rights to a different account. If you don’t need them, simply delete your Facebook fan page, group or application before you delete your current Facebook account.

Delete Facebook Account

And now for the steps to take to delete your account. It’s a simple process. Once you delete your account, there is a two week period before Facebook puts it into affect. So, whatever you do… don’t revisit this account during that time, otherwise your deletion request becomes null and void. And… be sure not to use this account to sign in to other websites. That will activate it again, as well.

The Steps to Deletion:

  • Sign in to the Facebook account you want to delete.
  • Now navigate to the Facebook Account Deletion Page
  • You’ll then see an account deletion form. Click Submit.
  • A pop up box will come up to confirm your account deletion. Type in your Facebook password and go through the security check by entering given text in the textbox. Then click Okay.
  • After confirmation, log out.
  • Check your email account associated with the deleted Facebook account. You should get an email stating that your account deletion process has been initiated. If you don’t get it, try the steps above again until it works.

And there you have it. Simple and clean.


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Supergirl by Ben Kikuyama

Supergirl by Ben Kikuyama

Here is another photograph from the photo shoot we did recently. This is Avalon. Avalon is six years old and makes quite an amazing model. Here she is photographed in her Supergirl costume. Her cape is actually the real cape worn by the original George Reeves from back in the 1950’s. In fact, the father is an avid Superhero fan, with quite an extensive comic book collection. He owns the bat mobile, and the bat boat. He’s going to be on the new TV program called ‘Four Rooms’ where he will be auctioning off the very first Superman outfit ever worn on television, by George Reeves back in the 1950s. The show will be airing in April. We’re looking forward to seeing him on TV, where he may show this photo of his daughter, Avalon… his Supergirl.

The background looks incredibly real, but no that’s not Maui. Ben superimposed the background to make it look like Avalon (supergirl) has just landed on this perilous pillar overlooking the crowded cityscape below.

We really enjoyed photographing this amazing family and we look forward to future photo shoots like this one where we can photograph families that are looking for more than your “average” family portrait.

Stay tuned for more, as Ben continues on his magical photography quest! And please feel free to leave us some feedback in the comments section.