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Diary of a Maui Web Designer

Happiness Is Good For Your Website


Be Happy

Happiness is good for the soul and it’s also quite good for sales. Selling is hard work. I know this first hand from my art consultant days. Selling art is very tough. But, with a heavy dose of happiness, voila!! Success!! With online marketing, your website does all the hard work for you, especially if it has expert web copywriting that is geared toward using the “happiness” tactic to sell more for you.

The main mission of any business website is to persuade the visitor to take some kind of action. It could be to persuade them to stop by and visit your brick-and-mortar store for the new sale, to buy your product online, or even to sign up for a workshop.

However, people are not easily led to the things that you wish for them to do on your website. Selling is tough business, BUT… to make it easier for you to sell or persuade add a good dose of HAPPINESS.

What does this mean? You need to market the promise of happiness. People buy products not just for attaining the product but for the feeling or the benefits it will provide for them. Feelings of satisfaction. Humans are always looking for ways to be happier, feel better about themselves, their purchases and their lives. Although many are in quest of the eternal fountain of youth, I believe everyone is in quest for the eternal fountain of happiness. Who doesn’t want to have happiness in their life? That’s why marketing the promise of happiness is such a seductive temptress.

Here are some ideas on how to get this across in compelling copywriting on your website:

  • Include lots of testimonials of happy customers.  The words of your past customers can be quite persuasive especially as they describe why they are so happy with your product or services.
  • Include text that helps visitors visualize themselves as being extremely happy once they purchase your product or service.
  • Instead of just listing the features of your product or service, be sure to stress the benefits.
  • Describe in great detail the beneficial outcome of using your product or services.
  • For the website’s photos, choose ones that show people that are genuinely happy.  Try not to use photos of people that look serious or business-like, or with no expression.
  • Do case studies of individual companies or customers based on the happiness you’ve brought to their lives.
  • Be sure to back up your claims with facts or proof to make it solid.

I hope you take today’s tip to heart. Happiness is good for your website, and good for sales. It makes the difficult job of selling a little easier, which hopefully will lead to even more happy customers and, even more importantly, a happier YOU.

Maui Fire Department 29th Class Graduation

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Maui Fire Truck in Lahaina Halloween Parade 2012

A huge congratulations goes out to Kai Evermore (our Son-in-Law) and the rest of the 21 brave young men that have just graduated as the 29th recruit class of Maui. The graduation ceremony was held last week at the Maui Plantation. Kai Evermore earned an Outstanding Academic Award for the County of Maui. He held the highest scores on his exams. I guess all that studying paid off!

Their training lasted for a grueling 26 weeks, which included many different facets of skills that firemen need to have under their belts, from CPR, to learning about different types of fires (chemical, etc.) to laborious physical tasks. As a Fireman, they serve to protect the people of Maui from not just fires, but from any and all disasters or emergencies that may occur. But, we’re hoping that most of the calls will be for minor things…such as… kitty stuck in a tree, etc.

The Maui Fireman Graduation - 29th

At Graduation – (l to r) Margarete Bednorz, Fawn Evermore, Kai Evermore, Syl Kikuyama, Ben Kikuyama

This was Kai’s first week on the job as a fireman for the Lahaina station. We wish him much success in his new career and are so proud to have a Fireman in the family!

Kai Evermore - Maui Fireman

Kai Evermore – Maui Fireman

Logo Designs That Make Us Smile

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It seems like the most memorable logos, those that tend to stick to us a bit more, are ones that are funny or make us smile. This is also true with literature and art. It’s when there is a witty unexpected twist that graphic identity tends to stand out from the rest of the pack. It’s important, though, not to go too far with the comedic value, but having a slightly quirky, clever approach can make the graphic identity of a company rise above the rest.

NBC logo from 1956 If you look at NBC and their peacock logo which was created back in 1956, you can see that it meant to portray the vividness of color that was the new thing back then in television. It is still just as clever and relevant today as it was back then.

Here are some other examples of clever and fun logos we admire.

clever logos

yummy logo is clever

cozy belly logo

High Five Wing Action: Gogobot

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High Five Wing Action


Here’s a website that gets some definite High Five Wing action!! Gogobot is a beautifully designed and very useful website that can be described as a social travel site, where you can create and gather reviews and photos from real people about places all over the globe. It’s easy to use and create your own content. It reminds me of Facebook, a bit, but with a really clean interface and killer photos.

With Gogobot you can connect with friends and share travel advice and then see the advice in real-time through maps, pictures, pricing for hotels and restaurants, things to do, and descriptions. You can click and add things recommended by others to your itinerary where you can go back and view later when you are ready to fully plan out your trip.

This website gets a High Five Wing from DzinePOD!!

Gogobot Travel Website

Logos – Do The Right Thing

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Creating a new graphic or brand identity for a company can be quite an endeavor. The logo, the colors, even the music played while on hold with a company all add to that company’s image to customers. So, it’s important to do it right. Most companies realize that it is an investment and a commitment, and none of them can argue that identity design is frivolous or fleeting.

These days, the tools for graphic design are very accessible and inexpensive to many potential designers. Logos are among the most common things that graphic designers produce. Today, many people try, with the help from their computer and the internet, to piece together a kind of graphic identity. There’s clip-art, online logo generators, etc. Logos are abundant, and well… cheap.

But, let’s face it. Although a $99 logo may seem appealing at first, this logo is meant to represent your company, on letterheads, company vehicles, magazine ads, lobby signs, business cards, t-shirts, etc. Is this cheap logo something the company wants to live with for the next decade? More importantly, does the logo best represent what the organization stands for?

Most online logo generators are pretty generic, and so… well… you get what you pay for. For kicks, we paid a visit to one of these logo-generator sites to see what they had to offer us. And… well… tell us what YOU think!

Logo Auto-Generated

Graphic design and web design go hand in hand, really. When creating a fresh new website for a client, we put a lot of time and thought into how to best represent the client. By going down to the core of what the company is about, we are then able to piece together our custom designs for our clients.

Some clients already have an established brand that they want us to make fresh, while some clients don’t have any branding, and have in fact used many different logos over the course of the years (yikes!). We enjoy finding that ONE branding platform. It does take time, though, and it is a commitment for a company. But who can argue it’s not worth the fuss?

The magazine advertisements, logos, websites we create for our clients all communicate that core brand of the company. Only that way can the message be transmitted clearly and loudly to the world.