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October Rocks!

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Hello and Happy October – our favorite month out of the whole year. Yes, be sure to wish us both a Happy Birthday! A lot of our favorite people are born this month, too. Let’s put it this way, if you’re an October baby, you’re alright with us! And then there’s Halloween. So, yesss…. October Rocks! Which brings me back to my topic of this blog posting…. our Song Peck of the Month.

song peck of the month

This month’s song peck comes from a cool band called AWOLNATION. They came out with their first album (Megalithic Symphony) just a couple years ago which went on to be a big hit with a lot of the songs being featured on numerous different TV shows. This one song, “Sail”, hit #10 on the U.S. Billboard and has gone Platinum in the U.S. and double Platinum in Canada. Good stuff, yes?

The song is great, but the video is a work of Art. It’s filmed well and the storyline is intriguing with a shocking ending. Classic. Just watch it and enjoy…

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