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New Website for Kihei Rent A Car


We just launched a new website for Kihei Rent A Car. They had an old dinosaur website created eons ago, that needed to be brought up to date with the latest look and the latest coding under the hood.

Kihei Rent A Car came to us looking for a clean, yet inviting site that was user-friendly for the older clients that may come to the site wanting to book a rental car on Maui. We chose to use a larger font and create large buttons for the folks that may not be too accustomed to the world of the web. We also did a couple photo shoots with Kihei Rent A Car to get photos of all the rental cars, trucks, vans and jeeps that they offer.

They also wanted a reservation page where people could book a rental vehicle online, AND also a separate quoting mechanism for each of the different car pages so that people could see the actual pricing dependent on how many days, type of vehicle, etc. The challenging part was factoring in the Summer and Winter Rates with their Weekly and Monthly rates.

We created a blog for them and a video tutorial so that they could learn how to go about posting their own articles on the blog. They will be writing about company news, such as drag racing at the strip, employee highlights, and rental car special discounts, etc. They realize how important it is to have a blog so that they can add fresh content to the site and get those brownie points with Google for higher rankings.

We invite you to visit their new website.

The OLD Kihei Rent A Car Web Design

BEFORE: Kihei Rent A Car web design

BEFORE: Kihei Rent A Car web design

The NEW Kihei Rent A Car Web Design

AFTER: Kihei Rent A Car web design

AFTER: Kihei Rent A Car web design

7 Responses to “New Website for Kihei Rent A Car”

  1. Cara Says:

    nice! I regularly send our guests Kihei Rent a Car’s website as they look for their car rentals. The new website is much more user friendly. The website is often the first impression… an up-to-date website with good and current information makes a great first impression!

  2. Syl Says:

    Thank you, Cara! 🙂

  3. Elinor Gawel (Eli) Says:

    Thanks. I was just talking to relatives about their rentals. Nice new design.

  4. Syl Says:

    They have some really great rates. They don’t price gouge like the airport rental companies. And, the service is GREAT!

  5. Chris Says:

    Great job! This looks amazing! Much better. Simple, clean, attractive. Keep it up!

  6. Syl Says:

    Thanks, Chris!

  7. Courtney - Maui Jungalow Says:

    This looks great!

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