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Maui Fire Department 29th Class Graduation

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Maui Fire Truck in Lahaina Halloween Parade 2012

A huge congratulations goes out to Kai Evermore (our Son-in-Law) and the rest of the 21 brave young men that have just graduated as the 29th recruit class of Maui. The graduation ceremony was held last week at the Maui Plantation. Kai Evermore earned an Outstanding Academic Award for the County of Maui. He held the highest scores on his exams. I guess all that studying paid off!

Their training lasted for a grueling 26 weeks, which included many different facets of skills that firemen need to have under their belts, from CPR, to learning about different types of fires (chemical, etc.) to laborious physical tasks. As a Fireman, they serve to protect the people of Maui from not just fires, but from any and all disasters or emergencies that may occur. But, we’re hoping that most of the calls will be for minor things…such as… kitty stuck in a tree, etc.

The Maui Fireman Graduation - 29th

At Graduation – (l to r) Margarete Bednorz, Fawn Evermore, Kai Evermore, Syl Kikuyama, Ben Kikuyama

This was Kai’s first week on the job as a fireman for the Lahaina station. We wish him much success in his new career and are so proud to have a Fireman in the family!

Kai Evermore - Maui Fireman

Kai Evermore – Maui Fireman

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