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Logos – Do The Right Thing

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Creating a new graphic or brand identity for a company can be quite an endeavor. The logo, the colors, even the music played while on hold with a company all add to that company’s image to customers. So, it’s important to do it right. Most companies realize that it is an investment and a commitment, and none of them can argue that identity design is frivolous or fleeting.

These days, the tools for graphic design are very accessible and inexpensive to many potential designers. Logos are among the most common things that graphic designers produce. Today, many people try, with the help from their computer and the internet, to piece together a kind of graphic identity. There’s clip-art, online logo generators, etc. Logos are abundant, and well… cheap.

But, let’s face it. Although a $99 logo may seem appealing at first, this logo is meant to represent your company, on letterheads, company vehicles, magazine ads, lobby signs, business cards, t-shirts, etc. Is this cheap logo something the company wants to live with for the next decade? More importantly, does the logo best represent what the organization stands for?

Most online logo generators are pretty generic, and so… well… you get what you pay for. For kicks, we paid a visit to one of these logo-generator sites to see what they had to offer us. And… well… tell us what YOU think!

Logo Auto-Generated

Graphic design and web design go hand in hand, really. When creating a fresh new website for a client, we put a lot of time and thought into how to best represent the client. By going down to the core of what the company is about, we are then able to piece together our custom designs for our clients.

Some clients already have an established brand that they want us to make fresh, while some clients don’t have any branding, and have in fact used many different logos over the course of the years (yikes!). We enjoy finding that ONE branding platform. It does take time, though, and it is a commitment for a company. But who can argue it’s not worth the fuss?

The magazine advertisements, logos, websites we create for our clients all communicate that core brand of the company. Only that way can the message be transmitted clearly and loudly to the world.

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