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How To Make Dinner Rolls

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home-made dinner rolls

Hi Gang,

What does your favorite web designer like to do after she finishes a huge website project?  That’s right!!  She heads to the kitchen! We just added the last finishing touches on a new website which we should be launching soon. We also just recently launched a website for Maui artist, Connie Adams. Yesss… we’ve been really busy around here. But for now…..

Time for another tasty recipe from the kitchen!  This dinner roll recipe comes from my Mom, who is a fantastic cook.  These dinner rolls are light and fluffy and tasty.  I think the trick is adding the beaten egg whites into the dough a little bit after it’s been mixing for a while.  Mom says it makes the rolls fluffier.  This is a traditional Croatian recipe, so please don’t mind the European measurements.

Kiflice ( Croatian Bread Rolls)

½ liter milk (heat up to 105 degrees)
3 tsp yeast
4 Tbsp. sugar
1 Kilo flour
½ cup oil
2 tsp. salt
2 eggs (separated)

Warm the milk in a saucepan with the sugar on medium-low heat until warm enough.  Place in a bowl.  Add 3 tsp. yeast and mix a little.  Let it sit for 5 minutes while you prepare the flour.

In mixer bowl add flour, oil, salt, and egg yolks.  Beat the egg whites until white and fluffy and keep to the side.  Start mixer and add milk-yeast mixture.  Mix dough for three minutes, then add the egg whites.  Mix for another three minutes until dough is nice and elastic.
Place in (slightly oiled) bowl and let dough rise for one hour.
Preheat oven to 340 degrees F.

Then cut the dough into 6 even pieces and roll each  into a ball between your palms.  Take one ball and roll out into a circle (about 8 or 9 inches).  Cut it into 8 wedges, like a pizza pie.  Roll each wedge up into a roll.  Place on greased cookie sheet (or use silpat).  Roll up the rest.  Depending on the size of your cookie sheet, you should be able to get two dough balls on one cookie sheet.

Bake it for 24 minutes at 340 degrees F.  Let cool on wire rack.

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