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High Five Wing Action: Gogobot

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High Five Wing Action


Here’s a website that gets some definite High Five Wing action!! Gogobot is a beautifully designed and very useful website that can be described as a social travel site, where you can create and gather reviews and photos from real people about places all over the globe. It’s easy to use and create your own content. It reminds me of Facebook, a bit, but with a really clean interface and killer photos.

With Gogobot you can connect with friends and share travel advice and then see the advice in real-time through maps, pictures, pricing for hotels and restaurants, things to do, and descriptions. You can click and add things recommended by others to your itinerary where you can go back and view later when you are ready to fully plan out your trip.

This website gets a High Five Wing from DzinePOD!!

Gogobot Travel Website

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