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Happiness Is Good For Your Website


Be Happy

Happiness is good for the soul and it’s also quite good for sales. Selling is hard work. I know this first hand from my art consultant days. Selling art is very tough. But, with a heavy dose of happiness, voila!! Success!! With online marketing, your website does all the hard work for you, especially if it has expert web copywriting that is geared toward using the “happiness” tactic to sell more for you.

The main mission of any business website is to persuade the visitor to take some kind of action. It could be to persuade them to stop by and visit your brick-and-mortar store for the new sale, to buy your product online, or even to sign up for a workshop.

However, people are not easily led to the things that you wish for them to do on your website. Selling is tough business, BUT… to make it easier for you to sell or persuade add a good dose of HAPPINESS.

What does this mean? You need to market the promise of happiness. People buy products not just for attaining the product but for the feeling or the benefits it will provide for them. Feelings of satisfaction. Humans are always looking for ways to be happier, feel better about themselves, their purchases and their lives. Although many are in quest of the eternal fountain of youth, I believe everyone is in quest for the eternal fountain of happiness. Who doesn’t want to have happiness in their life? That’s why marketing the promise of happiness is such a seductive temptress.

Here are some ideas on how to get this across in compelling copywriting on your website:

  • Include lots of testimonials of happy customers.  The words of your past customers can be quite persuasive especially as they describe why they are so happy with your product or services.
  • Include text that helps visitors visualize themselves as being extremely happy once they purchase your product or service.
  • Instead of just listing the features of your product or service, be sure to stress the benefits.
  • Describe in great detail the beneficial outcome of using your product or services.
  • For the website’s photos, choose ones that show people that are genuinely happy.  Try not to use photos of people that look serious or business-like, or with no expression.
  • Do case studies of individual companies or customers based on the happiness you’ve brought to their lives.
  • Be sure to back up your claims with facts or proof to make it solid.

I hope you take today’s tip to heart. Happiness is good for your website, and good for sales. It makes the difficult job of selling a little easier, which hopefully will lead to even more happy customers and, even more importantly, a happier YOU.

6 Responses to “Happiness Is Good For Your Website”

  1. Roxanne Darling Says:

    You had me at the title Sylvia! I am a lifelong member of the Pollyanna Society and this lines up so well. As it turns out, I have “those days” like most of us, and this is such a *H~A~P~P~Y* reminder! Thanks so much for the good vibes.

  2. Beach Walk 773 - The Currency of Happiness — Beach Walks with Rox Says:

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  3. Elinor Gawel (Eli) Says:

    You would think this was obvious, but sometimes we believe so strongly in our product that we forget that it’s benefits are not as clear to everyone as they are to us. Good reminder.

  4. Syl Says:

    Like my old English teacher used to say, “It’s always better to show instead of just tell”. She was talking about writing, but I think it translates well for marketing, too.

  5. Tania Says:

    I’m really in love with your 70s vibe image first of all. Second of all, I’m totally jumping on your happy train. Part of the appeal of social media and marketing online is making a connection with your customers (or readers). Show them how others have made a positive connection with your product.

    As a blogger selling nothing of my own, I do stick to the have a happy life zone. It’s not that I don’t have problems, I do. But I want my blog to be a happy place where we appreciate the little things and creativity. We can be as serious, grouchy and complain elsewhere, like on FB (just kidding, sort of, post election trauma).

  6. Syl Says:

    Thanks,Tania! Let’s groove along and keep spreading that positive vibe!

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