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Get Social – Sharing Your Blog Post With The World

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Sharing your blog on social media avenues

Now that you’ve created an amazing blog posting that you want to spread across cyberspace, social media avenues are an effective way to bring in new readers to your website and to get a conversation started about your company. The hope is to have others see your posting and then share that post with their own followers, who in turn will then share it some more. To make this happen, you first have to make sure your content is sharable and, of course, worth sharing. Let’s take a look at how to get your content out to these avenues and how to best encourage sharing and conversation.

How To Get The Social Media Ball Rolling

Assuming your company has several different social media accounts, such as a Twitter handle, a Facebook page, Instagram account, etc., the first thing you need to do after publishing your new blog post is to push it out to these different channels. Although it is very tempting to just set up an automated system that blasts out the post to all of your channels in one swoop, because really… what a time-saver, but — and this is a big BUT, this is not an effective strategy.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media avenues each have their own different ways and so you need to be sure to customize your message for each of these channels. Making it custom for each will make a huge difference in how people interact with it.

Twitter – Concise and Alluring

Take Twitter, for example… you have 140 characters (and your URL will take up a portion of that) to say something that will catch people’s attention and encourage them to share or retweet your message. With Twitter, it’s important to be concise, descriptive and alluring. How do you do that? You can turn your post title into a conversational statement or question. Post it with the focus of having others interact with it. While something like, “Did you know whales vacation in Maui, too?” is a bit hokey, it is a lot more effective then simply saying, “All You Want To Know About Whales – Read: LINK”.

Don’t Give It All Away

With Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, you have a chance to be a little bit more conversational by adding extra information or perspective to a brief summary of the post. You don’t want to give it all away, though. Give just enough juice to get them interested in click on your link to view more, or to share it with their friends or followers.

What’s interesting with Facebook is oftentimes many people don’t actually read the articles they like or share. They just quickly read the description and say, “Hey… this is cool!” So, even if the first person doesn’t bother to click through to your website, chances are some of their friends will actually do so. Images are a great way to bolster attention. A great photo with a cool description requires some time on your part to execute well, but it’s a good strategy to entice people on social media to interact with your content with likes and shares and clicking through to your website. Sometimes it’s the photo itself that is so appealing that people can’t help but click on it.

Best Strategies

Although images are great enticers, as well as video, it’s good to mix up your posts with just regular link posts and image link posts in equal measure. For Twitter, go ahead and share your new blog article several times throughout the week to reach more people. For Facebook and others, post your blog article again every so often, but change it up with new text and images. Some destination, just new clothing. And lastly… once the post is shared it’s very important to listen and interact with anyone commenting or sharing your post to strengthen the conversation.

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