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Concentration Gained Through Focus At Will

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Focus At WillWhen I work on intricate code I always have Deuter (German New Age instrumentalist) playing in the background, or I listen to Pandora… usually something soothing, like Classical music. Seems like when there are vocals or a busy beat it ruins my concentration. And without concentration it’s hard to work through coding up websites, which needs a lot of focus… believe me.

Ben has been working on new horses lately which involves a lot of banging and pounding coming from his end of the studio. He’s just finished a new large horse which is really incredible and will be heading off to Texas soon. While he works there is sawing, grinding, pounding, tapping, scraping and on top of it all, he likes to listen to his music really loud which helps him with his creative flow.

Thank goodness for Focus @ Will. It’s a new website I’ve just discovered that is perfect for me in this situation. It reminds me of Pandora because it is a music site, but it’s a music site that is focused on playing music that allows you to work and concentrate at a very high level. In fact, they claim to increase your attention span by 400%. Sounds amazing, yes? Well, the music is really quite perfect so far and my productivity has increased. We’ll see how I do as the weeks progress, but I really am enjoying it so far. There are different genres you can choose from. There’s even a special genre for people with ADD. They use clever phase sequencing music technology to help keep you focused and reduce distractions while you’re working, writing, reading, or even studying. Great background music to keep you going and flowing.

The gang behind Focus @ Will are scientists, music composers and tech inventors. Together they have really created something specially formatted to increase your brain’s ability to focus… which is so important for me when I need to power through website coding and problem-solving. Ben can now be the artistic creative (and loud) genius without having to worry about bothering me!

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