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Branding Strategy

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Your brand is your company’s platform or face that shows who you are, what you do, and whom you service. As we all know, first impressions are so important, especially since people tend to make snap judgements based on initial reaction. These judgements turn into snap decisions about things based on how things are perceived. Branding shows your face to the world, so let’s put your best face forward. Branding is not merely just something you design, there are layers of meaning and planning that go into it.

There is a whole process of creating the perfect brand that captures what your company is all about. It is a process of strategic steps, and each step builds upon the next to finally get to the most sublime visual story of your company. Here are the steps we use along the way:

Step 1: Who are you?
This step involves identifying your uniqueness. Who are you, what do you do, whom do you serve, and what makes you different or stand out from the rest of the pack? These are the key questions that must be answered first to come to an understanding of who you are and what your goals are, then the branding can begin.

Step 2: Logo Legwork
Using the answers from step 1, create a logo. A logo is a simple, yet complex representation of who your company is. Establishing the logo helps define the style of your brand and will showcase to people your company’s face, or what you are about.

Step 3: Build Collateral
From the logo design, you will be able to use it for business cards, letterheads and other collateral. This involves a bit more development of the look and feel of your company’s brand. Best design is one that translates your message clearly. It helps build your company’s reputation.

Step 4: Web Presence
Using the first three steps, it is now time to create a website that captures the look and feel of your company’s brand. Web presence is so important, and having your branding design in place on the web will allow your company to position itself in the most visible place on the planet.

Step 5: Strong Company Brand
Now you have established a brand that can be held as the guiding force of your company. You can take on more business, more clients, with a clear sense of who you are and where you are positioned. This leads to a more focused productivity and increases on many different levels.

In order to reach the level of having a strong company brand, these steps need to be followed in order since they lead into each other. Once your company has a strong brand concept, it filters through everything your company does to make contact with the world. People remember companies that have a strong branding presence.

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