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Art=Mixx Maui – A Playground For The Senses


On Saturday, July 28th, the Maui Arts and Cultural Center spotlighted the days of early artistic media (Film Noir, optical illusions, and performance art) through its 4th Art=Mixx event. Art=Mixx Maui is a total and complete sensory indulgence, put together by Neida Bangerter, Trevor Arnholt, Toben Lindell, and Gabriel Mott, a group of incredibly talented and forward-thinking creators. This 21 and over FREE event is meant to connect people to Art in a fresh and stimulating way, from digital light shows, to pumping music, live performance and interactive art stations where you can create your own art on the fly.

On this night, the mandatory dress code was black and white, to carry the night’s theme. Many people were dressed up in funky black and white outfits which made the atmosphere that much more exhilarating. It was a pageantry of artistic display. There were many people entered into the Black and White costume contest, which had so many great entries that it was heart-breaking to have to choose between them all.

Black and White Theme ArtMixx Maui

Costume contest contestant

The Schaefer Art Gallery was transformed into a swirl of activity and wonders to discover. From the amazing art installations (especially the mannequins) to the Black and White Sticker board and Photo Booth, it was all about interacting and being a part of Art, rather than merely just an observer. What blew our minds was the “Room” which went beyond sensual perception. Only a few people at a time were led into a deep, dark room where you have the experience of diving into another dimension… or so it seemed.

black and white sticker board

The black and white sticker board

Outside of the gallery, people dancing, music throbbing, lights swaying and flashing, and people packed in and enjoying the experience. The pace of the night was punctuated with events on center stage. From break-dancers to the Great Kazoo Band to the costume contest, there was never a dull moment.

The Great Kazoo Band

A member of The Great Kazoo Band

What I thought was breath-taking were the three women majestically perched on extremely tall pedestals wearing beautiful flowing garments and incredible head-dresses of feathers and delicate details. The lighting and music and the graceful movements of these women were superb, which climaxed to flying doves being projected on their open white parasols. Beautiful… no… gorgeously stunning.

Jaisy Hanlon

Jaisy Hanlon – One of the beautiful “Tall Women”

Off to the side of the stage is a column of DJs and VJs working their boards to produce the techno music and light and video montages on giant screens and boxes. One such segment featured the old black and white film Metropolis, which I now have to watch again one day.

Rachel DeBoer

Rachel DeBoer – Winner of the costume contest

Art=Mixx Maui is a recurring free event for the 21+ crowd and a huge boost to the Maui social scene. We’re looking forward to the next one, which may be next month, or maybe even a bit later… nothing yet set in stone. Wonder what the next theme will be….


6 Responses to “Art=Mixx Maui – A Playground For The Senses”

  1. Elaine Surma Says:

    Lovely synopsis of a thrilling evening/event.


  2. BB Says:

    More pics. Would love to work with you sometime on any creative projects we sync with. Aloha!

  3. Syl Says:

    Thanks for the link to your photos of this incredible night. Your pix are awesome, especially since they’re in black and white!

  4. Courtney Says:

    Yes, it was a fantastic time.

  5. Roxanne Darling Says:

    This – to me – is such a Maui event! I did not make it…but you have convinced me to move mountains if necessary to get to the next one!

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